You have only two units to be concerned with:
    Avogadros Number  -     6.022 X 1023  Atoms

    Atomic Mass   -                    Grams

SO:            Grams =     Moles    X   Grams                   Grams =   Atoms   X   Grams   X   Mole 
                                                        Mole                                                         Mole        Atoms

or:              Moles=    Gram    X    Mole                      Mole =    Atoms    X     Mole
                                                    Grams                                                         Atom

or:              Atoms=       Mole    X    Atoms                    Atoms =  Grams   X   Atoms    X    Mole
                                                        Mole                                                         Mole            Gram

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